City Deck Landing Continues Its Reach to the Sky!

Nov 7, 2014

The underground foundation is in and things are looking up as work continues on downtown Green Bay’s City Deck Landing, the city’s newest luxury apartment complex.

The project hit a few unexpected snags this past month as construction crews working on the foundation found abandoned bridge abutments, an old underground asphalt street, and a pedestrian tunnel going from previous torn- down buildings to the Fox River. Such is going to be the case when construction takes place in the downtown of Wisconsin’s first city. Soil borings done ahead of time didn’t find these types of obstacles.

While the obstacles weren’t known ahead of time, it wasn’t totally unexpected as Smet’s project manager, Kevin Hansen, said. “Downtown urban areas, you’re bound to hit something!” he said. “Projects of this size are usually going to have some type of situation come up. You just have to be prepared to work through unexpected things that pop up.”

Meanwhile, the project has continued its skyward trajectory with the underground parking now complete and the first floor retail shops poured. The structural walls for the residential floors have begun, just in time for winter.

When completed, Green Bay’s newest luxury apartment complex will have several colors of brick, combined with metal detailing for balconies and architectural stone accents to complement Green Bay’s history of architecturally-significant buildings. The 76 residential units will contain wood laminate flooring, luxurious carpeting, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, high ceilings, large balconies and patios. Extra touches are provided with washer and dryers in all units, over-sized walk-in closets, underground parking and a wellness fitness center.

The project is expected to open late spring, 2015.

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Greg Polacheck

Director Market Development

Smet Construction Services, Inc.