Smet Teams Up with Cemart on Epoxy Floor!

Feb 13, 2015

When the owner of Zesty’s Frozen Custard and Grill was looking to expand, one of his requests was a unique look for the flooring. He wanted something durable that would hold up to its hard traffic and messy spills during busy weekend shifts, yet something that stood out as a signature, a way that communicated a fun atmosphere that Zesty’s has become known for.

Smet turned to Cemart for its creativity and design. The result? Walla! A signature epoxy floor was created!  Kevin Smith, owner of Cemart, has been creating epoxy and decorative stained cement floors for over thirty years.  When we caught up with Kevin during one of his busy days, he said, “Our design professional sat down with the owner and discussed the different options. We felt that epoxy was the way to go since it holds up to spills, doesn’t chip, and is the most sanitary product on the market. Plus with the colored chips we were able to create the pink and turquoise color accents that fit the store colors.  I think it came out great!  The owner has been very pleased and wants us to do other locations.”

Cemart has been creating decorative floors as well countertops for area restaurants for many years now. Their work can be seen in several of the finest restaurants and kitchens throughout northeast Wisconsin. When it comes time for creativity, Smith says, “Every space can be seen as an expression of your creativity! Our artistic backgrounds can help you in designing a unique look that only your business will have.”  When it comes time for construction management, the same can be said for Smet Construction Services. Our extensive management backgrounds and experience can help you team up with the best subcontractors in making your project unique to your business.

As for Zesty’s and it’s wonderful new floor?  Zesty’s is now open for business at the new location!  You can see the unique floor while ordering your favorite yogurt treats at 2639 Lineville Road in Howard.

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