Title BGMarinette Marine Corp – Paint/Blast Facility


  • 2012 Daily Reporter “Top Project” award winning building.
  • 58,882 square foot Paint/Blast Facility yard expansion.
  • Two separate lines of  prep, blast , and paint bays for ship modules.
  • Blasting bays has enough media to have (6) blast hoses continuously blasting for 18 hours straight for each of the (2) bays.
  • A dust collection system that required 400HP motors.
  • Each blast bay has three vacuums that can recover 18 hours of shot media in one eight hour shift.
  • Each paint bay has a cure mode that quickly cures the paint much faster that standard drying.
  • The building houses 840HP of air compressors with separate breathing air system that is fully monitored.
  • 8 month construction time frame (during winter).