Project Profiles

Shining Stars Childcare

Shining Stars Childcare

Project Details

This project called for new construction of a free-standing building—8,600 SF, wood frame, vinyl siding, asphalt roofing system, bio-filter pond, nine rest-rooms & classrooms, rough sawn timber siding accents, polished concrete floor, plaster walls & ceilings. Lastly, 4 velux skylights were installed to provide natural lighting in the classrooms.

Smet Advantage

The Smet Advantage on this project was two-fold. First we worked closely with local officials for two years to nurture the project which was a public-private partnership between the local village, the school system which donated the land, and the local proprietors. Secondly, the project was fast-tracked and completed in a record 85 days due to the school calendar. The project was completed and open for business when the new school year  began.

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