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Breakthrough Fuel

Breakthrough Fuel


  • Breakthrough Fuel 2The setting couldn’t be more retro for Breakthrough Fuel’s  7,926 square foot new corporate offices  located  in Green Bay’s 100–plus year-old Milwaukee Road train station and former Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce building.
  • In renovating the building to fit the modern technological environment of Breakthrough Fuel, Smet also successfully maintained the historical integrity of this landmark building.

Smet Advantage

Smet along with our friends at Commercial Horizons worked together exclusively with Breakthrough Fuel to provide them a unique new home in an historic registered building.  Using all of our services gave Breakthrough the “Smet Advantage” in the design and construction of probably one of the most unique offices in the area.  The former Milwaukee Road RR depot was purchased for Breakthrough by Smet and Commercial Horizons together giving Breakthrough Fuel the advantage of leasing the building.  Smet then set their design and construction team to work and the results certainly speak for themselves.  This building is a must see!!!  (See video below.)

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