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EMT International

EMT International


  • EMT International is located on a 7 1/2 acre site in Hobart.   The building includes 9,568 square feet of office space and 59,634 square feet of production / manufacturing area with two 10 ton cranes, one 5 ton crane, one 2 ton crane and six 2 ton jib cranes.
  • The building was designed for future expansion of 49,000 square feet in production and manufacturing and a 2nd story can be added to the office area.
  • The building consists of tilt-up concrete wall panels, king size brick and EIFS.
  • On site work started in June and the owner moved in on November 7.   This project was delivered on time despite massive rain storms which caused the building site to be under water for much of June and July.

Smet Advantage

Smet’s pre-construction services played a major role in this large manufacturing project giving EMT International a huge Smet Advantage.  EMT International had already nearly settled on a site with another contractor when they came to Smet.  Smet and it’s subsidiary Development Funding Services (DFS) were able to find a much more suitable site, in a more desirable area and most fortunately saved EMT hundreds of thousands of dollars including incentives obtained by DFS and Smet on behalf of EMT International. From there we went into intense pre-construction and construction services to complete the very attractive 70,000 s.f. manufacturing plant on time and on schedule.

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