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Cellcom Insight

Cellcom Insight


  • Cellcom is a two story building which includes an apartment unit of 987 square feet for the owners’ and a coffee shop of 1,077 square feet with an outdoor patio.
  • The Cellcom space is 4,178 square feet with offices, large showroom, conference room and training room.  The building sits at the foot of the new Sturgeon Bay bridge offering a scenic view.
  • The building is wood frame with masonry and EIFS exterior to match the new bridge.

Smet Advantage

Smet’s willingness and ability to structure “outside of the box” agreements helped give Cellcom the Smet Advantage.  Along with using the complete services of Smet; including site selection, financing, leasing, design, value engineering, obtaining incentives and construction, etc., Cellcom needed someone who could work together under a land lease.  Due to a cell tower being on the property Cellcom could not sell the land.  However, they wanted to lease the building that was to be built on the lot.  Smet stepped in and made that happen creating a beautiful and successful project.

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