Architectural design and pre-construction planning

Architectural design and pre-construction planning

Smet says if you snooze you lose

More than ever, the need to initiate pre-construction planning early has become a key ingredient in timely, cost-effective commercial and industrial construction projects. Planning for winter construction with Smet Construction Services Corp. should begin in early spring. Waiting too long to integrate construction management services into the architectural and design processes can cost you both time and money. Longer projects usually mean greater cost, but starting the planning process early can help to change that.
“If you are planning for new construction in a year, the time for strategic pre-construction planning is now,” says Scott Smet, president and CEO of Smet in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “It’s really never too early to begin the planning process. Longer-length planning tends to uncover problems before they become costly obstacles.”

How pre-construction planning can help

Budgeting is usually the key determining factor of a project moving forward. So why wait to address the most important consideration? Make budgeting a priority by having Smet provide a cost analysis at the earliest stage of planning before significant amounts of money are risked in design and engineering. Every lender wants to have an accurate assessment of project cost. Delaying a project because of budget overruns and redesigns is completely preventable. Strategic budgeting is one of the greatest values that a pre-construction services agreement with Smet will provide.

Proper site analysis/planning early on will eliminate unexpected challenges for easements, soil conditions, environmental concerns, ingress and egress, parking and storm-water management. A well-conceived site plan sets the stage for a successful project.
“There seems to be a mindset that causes people to wait too long to begin pre-construction planning,” says Smet. “We want businesses to know that it’s never too early, and that the amount of time invested in pre-construction planning will be directly reflected in long-term quality.”
Talk to Smet about how pre-construction planning can keep your project on time and on budget.

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