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Things to consider before moving forward

If you are a business whose growth requires a larger facility and expansion is not possible, your only real options are to build new or to buy or lease an existing building and do commercial renovations. Smet Construction Services Corp believes that it is definitely worthwhile to explore the costs and benefits of both options.
Although commercial renovations can entail some unique challenges and unknowns, many older properties may offer values and amenities that new construction may not provide; things like historic character, urban amenities due to location, visibility, accessibility and employment appeal.
Companies weighing the possibility of moving and renovating should carefully consider the most significant challenges, costs and benefits before moving forward. Pre-construction planning with Smet’s Pre-construction Agreement is the perfect place to start.
“Over the course of the past five years, we have managed several projects to renovate and transform older buildings, some almost 100 years old,” says Scott Smet, owner and CEO of Smet in Green Bay. “That experience provides us with the ability to share the most significant challenges with customers considering commercial renovations and to provide them with real solutions and budgets.”

Critical considerations for commercial renovations

  • Conditions: What is the age of the roof, the condition of HVAC system, electrical service and plumbing? Is the foundation and structure sound? What is the condition of openings and elevators? Is ample parking available? Is environmental testing necessary for toxic materials? Is there a functional fire-suppression system? How might these existing conditions impact costs?
  • Space planning and design: Will the existing space accommodate all of your employees and allow you to design an environment that will enhance productivity and support your operations? Will the space provide flexibility and room to grow? What level of finish do you seek, and what will that cost? Engaging interior design expertise early is always a good idea.
  • Schedule: What is the anticipated length of time for design, local and state approvals, demolition and build-out before you can occupy the space? Having an accurate schedule will allow you to make proper plans for IT design, move management and any equipment or furniture orders.
  • Budget and financing: Knowing the potential cost may be the deciding factor in your decision for commercial renovations. You will need to obtain a realistic budget that takes into consideration all of the anticipated costs, and any alternative solutions that can reduce costs. You will want a builder who will explore any financing incentives or tax credits that may apply to the project.

The number of issues and challenges to consider when deciding whether to build or work on commercial renovations may seem overwhelming, but not for Smet. It’s what we do every day, and why you should talk to us when considering your construction needs.

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