Meyer Theatre Historical Restoration

Backstage at the Meyer Conducts a Dress Rehearsal!

A dress rehearsal was underway last week as board members, community leaders, the media and Smet toured the recently completed $4 million construction project undertaken at the theatres entrance. A preview was provided of the new entrance facing Walnut and Washington Streets, the first-floor banquet space, the second floor office space and rooftop deck.
Officially known as “Backstage at the Meyer” because it lies partially behind the theatre, the first floor banquet space actually provides a grand entrance into the theatre and contains a smaller stage for events that will supplement and expand the theatre’s programming. It is directly adjacent to a parking ramp that now provides direct access into the theatre.
Meyer Board President Jeff Mirkes said, “Our board members were very impressed with the finished product. We toured the entire property from the first floor space up to the rooftop deck. The design is spectacular and the new exterior has excellent curb appeal”, he said.
The first floor space has a food and beverage catering area with the reception area having capacity up to 400 people. It provides an area for theatre goers to gather before or after an event or to enjoy the performances scheduled at the smaller stage. Mirkes said, “We anticipate the first floor stage area coming to life with programming and providing street level access to smaller venues.”
The group also toured the second story office space and rooftop deck now occupied by Breakthrough Fuel, an energy planning company. Mirkes concluded, “The Breakthrough space is very impressive and it’s great to see it occupied by such an innovative company like Breakthrough!”  The space includes small meeting rooms, a café, and a rooftop deck to enjoy on nice sunny days or moon lit evenings!
Anticipation has been growing as the theatre board finalizes its plans for “Opening Night”, however, general excitement is abound as a blighted corner has been turned into a downtown Green Bay showpiece. Smet undertook the project after working for several years with the theatre’s board on the planning and behind the scenes tasks. If you have a project that needs a little planning or some behind the scenes work to bring it into fruition, call Smet Construction Services.
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