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Vital benefits of a PCSA with your Green Bay building contractor

Whether you are renovating, expanding, or constructing a new building having a pre-construction services agreement (PCSA) with your general contractor may be the very best way to get the very best results. Talking to a Green Bay building contractor like Smet Construction Services, Inc. will help you determine if it is right for you.
There are numerous benefits gained in a pre-construction agreement,” says Scott Smet, president and CEO of Smet Construction Services, Inc. “The primary benefit is that it allows the customer to leverage the depth of the knowledge and experience of a building contractor before making critical facility decisions that will impact their business for many years.”

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Key advantages of entering into a PCSA with your Green Bay building contractor

  • Design Development– By evaluating the unique aspects of your business a PCSA greatly enhances the accuracy of programming efficiencies for operations, production and administration personnel. Options for company growth are an inherent part of this design analysis. A PCSA will provide you with clear project objectives and a clear project scope.
  • Site Analysis– A proper site analysis provides the customer with an evaluation of existing conditions, logistics, utilities and related permit requirements. This reduces risk and ensures that your site provides the best long-term facility solution.
  • Budget Accuracy/Cost AnalysisA pre-construction services agreement allows the customer and your Green Bay building contractor to define the most significant considerations for facility needs in order to develop a budget with a high level of cost certainty. Too often construction plans are generated that are not mindful of critical budgets, or worse yet, hasty planning leading to expensive change orders after construction begins.
  • ScheduleEfficiency– A PCSA can streamline the planning process and consolidate the deployment of commercial construction services. Working with a qualified design-builder like Smet provides expertise from a single source of responsibility who understands critical milestones, including the ability to place orders for long lead time items.

There is no boilerplate PCSA. Smet will tailor an agreement that addresses your most significant considerations for cost, feasibility, productivity, scheduling and anticipated growth. This agreement can take many shapes. Smet is a Green Bay building contractor who will sit down with you to draft an agreement that will make you more educated, comfortable and successful.

About Smet Construction Services, Inc.

Smet Construction Services, Inc. is a third-generation building contractor specializing in adapting the design-build and construction management project delivery methods. They work to form a unique partnership with their customers in designing and building their industrial, commercial or specialized construction projects.
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