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Caution! New Year Ahead!


As we wrap up this year’s work activities before the Holidays and approach the New Year around the corner, we begin to implement our strategic plans for the New Year.
If your business is “bursting at the seams” and running out of space or your existing facility no longer fits your work processes, Smet Construction Services may be able to assist. Smet Construction Services has assisted many businesses in their up-front decision making process.
One of our specialties is to help businesses to decide whether to construct a new building or to renovate an existing facility. We work with you through the needs assessment process to determine your upcoming space and building needs.
In the New Year ahead, we would certainly welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and have a conversation about how to go about future planning for your upcoming facility needs. Call us today, we can make your life easier and help you on your road to a better work space!
For more information:
Greg Polacheck
Director Market Development
Smet Construction Services, Inc.
920-532-3828   [email protected]

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