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Cold Weather Can’t Stop Winter Construction

Smet Construction Continues Building in Winter Conditions

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can keep construction from being completed and even though this year’s winter weather has been challenging, Smet Construction’s projects have been moving forward.
Scott Smet, president of Smet Construction Services, Inc, said, “The old wives’ tale about construction stopping in winter just isn’t true! These days with technology and advances in construction materials and practices, we continue to work successfully right throughout the winter. For many projects, winter is actually a better time to build them.”

Advantages of Winter Construction

  • With proper site heating, concrete can cure out more slowly and become stronger than in the hot summer months where excessive heat can lead to quick cures causing cracks and shrinkage.
  • It’s much easier to move around construction sites in winter compared with spring and summer when it is normally very muddy around the site. In addition we don’t have to deal with rain delays.
  • There are no weight limits on the roads during the winter.
  • Subcontractors aren’t as busy during the winter resulting in better pricing and availability. Subcontractors and suppliers normally have price increases for projects starting in spring. These price increases often can offset the cost of winter construction alone.
  • Labor shortages are less likely in winter in comparison to the peak seasons.

Smet said the main thing is to communicate to the owner any cost changes due to winter conditions. “Paying for winter construction is often just a small part of the overall project’s total cost but most owners don’t want any surprises. Most often it is more economical to work through the winter avoiding material price increases and getting into the new building sooner,” he said.
If you still don’t want to deal with winter construction, proper planning is the best way to avoid it depending on the size of your project. Too often people wait and don’t begin their planning until June. Getting an earlier start and then making the decision to work with winter, if your project can’t be completed during the summer and fall months, can often be your best bet in dealing with winter’s harsh conditions.

About Smet Construction Services

Smet Construction is a third generation building contractor specializing in adapting the design-build and construction management project delivery methods. They work to form a unique partnership with their customers in designing and building their industrial, commercial or specialized construction projects.
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