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Historic Larsen Green Renovation Takes Form!

The phrase “She Has Good Bones!” is often heard when discussing old buildings and trying to decide between renovation and demolition. In fact, I’ve used it before in Smet news updates when discussing buildings that are well built and stable but have outlived their intended use.
Today, the phrase comes to mind again when looking at the Titletown Brewing Expansion project underway in downtown Green Bay. The project is taking shape in an historic cannery where Titletown Brewing is installing its new brewing equipment and bottling operation. The expansion allows enough space for a beer tasting room, a reception area and small shop space. The building is perfect for adaptive re-use going from a cannery to a brewery.
Brent Weycker, President of Titletown Brewing Co., has been working on the project for two years and a quick conversation confirms he has a thing for old buildings. Of the Larsen Green building, Weycker’s excitement comes through in saying “The building is in awesome shape. We’ve exposed the original openings where the original windows were and we’re getting ready to install new energy efficient windows.” The interior of the building was also opened up to get down to the original walls and flooring. In one section a new floor had to be poured and new insulation is being added throughout. Lastly, a new roof is scheduled to be installed with the original wood inside being salvaged and worked into interior finishes.
Weycker concluded, “It has been challenging but so far very rewarding seeing the project start coming together. Plus, we couldn’t ask for better partners to be working with,” he said, noting that Smet is a partner in the project. The project is the first in the state to utilize the new historic tax credits implemented last December by the state legislature. The credits can be used to help offset any state tax liability and provides an additional funding source because of a transferability provision which in effect brings additional equity to the project. The brewery expansion is expected to open in late summer 2014 with the other improvements in early 2015.
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