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Renovate vs. Building New

Commercial Construction Factors Smet Will Help You Consider

The time has come to expand your operations, but you have no room to expand. Do you build a new facility or find an existing building that you can move into? What is the best option for long-range success? Working with an experienced design-build company like Smet Construction Services Inc. will help you address the most critical considerations before committing to a long-term commercial construction decision.
Buildings are as unique to businesses as the actual equipment, service and operational design. That’s why attempting to squeeze a complex operation into an existing facility can often compromise efficiency, flexibility and even identity. Renovation is much more than a facelift. Understanding the common project concerns can help to clarify the challenges you will face.
Depending on the type of business you operate, moving into an existing building can require significant retrofitting. The costs of upgrading electrical services, HVAC, plumbing and finishes may offset the long-term benefits of a low sticker price on an old building. Additional costs for environmental remediation, roof repairs and any exterior improvements will add to the final price tag. Those costs will not automatically add to the commercial value of the building.

Benefits of New Commercial Construction

  • The design-build model will allow the ability to adhere to a predetermined budget. Hidden costs in renovation projects often exceed estimates.
  • New commercial construction planning will tailor administrative and production layouts to the precise operational requirements of your business as part of preconstruction services.
  • New commercial construction plans will provide greater flexibility in design to anticipate future growth capacities and franchise construction options for your business.
  • New construction takes advantage of engineering that gives owners better control over energy consumption, efficiency and cost.
  • Advances in new materials can provide greater sustainability and less maintenance costs.

The bottom line is that it pays to consult the right contractor before making a decision that will affect your business for many years. Smet Construction has decades of experience in both new commercial construction and renovation. Call us today to get started.

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