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Sharpening the Saw!
Each year, folks at Smet take a little time out to reflect on the past, discuss the future, and review best practices in the construction industry. Smet Construction Services is a member of the Jack Miller Network which is an industry-wide network that exchanges information on best practices in construction throughout the year. The group annually gets together to strengthen their relationships and to foster stronger communication about topics and issues that daily affect the construction industry.
Last year I named this event, “Sharpening the Saw”, after one of my favorite habits in Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits for Highly Effective People”. This happens to be the seventh habit where we take time to recharge our batteries and renew ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Again this year, Smet joined 200 contractors in Orlando to sharpen the saw.
Paul Belschner, CPA, Smet’s CFO and President, lead the focus group “Redevelopment Opportunities” at the Network meeting.  Belschner has been conducting focus groups at the network meeting for the past seven years. Also in attendance were Smet’s CEO, Scott Smet; Director of Project Management, Joash Smits; Executive Assistant, Karen Klevesahl; LEED AP and Interior Designer, Sarah Reese; and Project Manager, Patrick Ostroth.
During the past few years, Smet has used the design/build approach in strengthening our relationships with local municipalities. Increasingly, municipalities seek solutions for their redevelopment projects. Often, a property becomes a community eyesore and adaptive re-use is needed to re-position a property. Too often it becomes a municipal project because municipalities become “stuck” with abandoned or under-performing buildings. “That’s when a collaborative approach is needed to reposition the property.” Belschner said as he discussed several redevelopment projects that Smet has undertaken. “We believe each project adds value and solves a problem. Our redevelopment efforts have led to situations where we have been actively sought out to work with a municipality on their projects.”
During the week, the topics and ideas flowed. There is a genuine willingness to share ideas and experiences on topics facing the construction industry. Over forty topics were on the agenda and the Smet group was re-energized, coming back with a renewed sense of energy, ready to continue the hard work in the year ahead. Plus, we’ve strengthened relationships in our industry which is always nice when facing difficult or unknown situations.
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