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Smet Continues Building Its Restaurant Niche!

Smet recently began construction on two restaurant projects to be completed in fall 2014. Through the years we’ve become excellent at constructing restaurants and fast food establishments.  This summer’s projects continue to provide an opportunity for us to showcase our expertise in this business. In the case of these restaurants, west goes east and east goes west as the west side Anduzzi’s expands to Green Bay’s east side and the east side Timsan’s expands to the west side Howard community.
Under construction on the east side of Green Bay is the 10,000 SF Anduzzi’s Sport’s Club.  Smet constructed the Anduzzi’s in Howard which opened in 2012. The business is doing so well the owner decided to open on Green Bay’s east side adjacent to the Marcus Theatre complex. The new restaurant will feature its usual array of burgers, fish fries and salads, along with its new Farm Fresh menu featuring more healthy choices.  The building will have a state-of-the art kitchen and will seat 300. Its party rooms will be available for sports teams, receptions, family gatherings, and club meetings. Its multiple television screens will feature the day’s current sporting events. It is guaranteed to be an excellent place to watch Green Bay Packers games!
Over on the west side, Timsans is bringing its very successful Japanese Steakhouse concept over to Lineville Road in Howard expanding its Hibachi-style concept into the former Chaser’s Grill. The popular table-side grilling at the eastside location will also be featured at the new place. Seating is for 60 and the bar area has ample room for waiting. If it’s anything like the eastside, Timsan’s west should be a fun popular place to eat! The westside marquee even has room for Timsan’s unique humorous quotes, a trademark they’ve become known for as well as their sushi and seafood dinners.
Through the years Smet has constructed approximately fifty restaurants. The concepts range from fine dining to fast foods and several themed concepts in between. Some of the more recognizable names include: the fine dining establishments of Fratello’s and KoKo, to the fast food operators such as McDonalds, Arby’s, Subway, Erbert & Gerbert’s, Jimmy John’s and the specialty concept of Kavarna. Now we are proud to include Anduzzi’s and Timsan’s as part of this group.
If you have a restaurant project you’d like to get underway, give us a call. Let us put our expertise to work for you and help you meet your construction goals! Call us today to consult on your restaurant project!
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