Building renovation project

Who says lipstick doesn’t look good on a pig?

The building was ugly! It had seen better times. It was built during the 1970’s, a time when the natural wood craze was in place. Now, the building was tired-looking. Its natural wood sides were faded. Its restrooms were too small. Who knew how long since its heating and cooling had been attended to? The building needed updating in the worse way. But all wasn’t lost. It “had good bones!” Meaning, pretty good shape underneath. Some people said: “Tear it down!” But Smet Construction Services saw a “diamond in the rough!” Nothing a little lipstick or TLC couldn’t solve.

During this project, Smet Construction Services was challenged with a way to recycle an outdated building and bring it into the new century. And it came out nicely if we must brag a little!

We took an 11,000 SF building with one tenant occupying 2,800 SF. We signed a new lease with a dentist, installing a 4,000 SF modern dental clinic complete with a fully operational lab. We worked with the clinic’s franchise standards to implement their national brand throughout the interior of their space. And, we completed the project on a fast-track schedule to accommodate a tight leasing schedule on behalf of the customer.

We then signed a new lease with the existing tenant and expanded their operations into a newly renovated 4,100 SF adjacent space providing them the needed room to accommodate their growth for the next 10 years. The result was one remaining space soon to be leased in a modern renovated building, located in a desirable neighborhood.

Throughout the entire process, we applied “green” construction theories by re-using an existing structure and upgrading the mechanical systems & lighting systems to newer, more energy efficient systems. We upgraded the parking lot, installed new landscaping, and new entrances that brighten up the exterior. The result was upgrading a class B building to a new class A office space.

Find out how Smet can help you upgrade your building today! Call us to find out how we can help you transform your building. We specialize in recycling where we can, nothing a little lipstick or TLC can’t solve!


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