Construction Continues in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Work Continues Through Record Cold Weather

The U.S. Postal Service has an informal postal code often referred to during times of extreme weather, usually winter weather. Such was the case this past week when over 72 cold records were set throughout the country and we heard it again. “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night …… can stop the completion of our appointed rounds.”
This was the scenario this past week where Smet construction projects remained active despite extremely harsh working conditions throughout most of the week. Many of our subcontractors remained on the job working through “winter conditions” and getting their work done.
Patrick Ostroth, Smet project manager on the City Deck Landing project said, “We are fortunate enough to have interior work in a heated area. Some crews left enough interior work during this time for these types of weeks when the weather gets too frigid or snowy! For other trades like the rough-in carpenters or ironworkers, there’s no way to avoid it. They just bundle up and work in the cold the best they can.” Some of them working several stories high where the wind chill factors into the situation.
Ostroth continued saying that this year he has seen more and more of a new product that some workers have purchased, battery operated jackets that keep their core warm most of the day. Everyone is adjusting in their own way to keep warm.
Jim Hebel, Smet site manager at the Backstage at the Meyer project said he is adjusting to cope with the freezing temperatures by running extra propane heaters just to keep temperatures barely above freezing.  He has also been coming in early to turn the heaters on for the trades. This shows great dedication to the construction process and the vendors and subcontractors working in these conditions are appreciative.
One thing is certain –   Everyone is ready for the warmer weather to break with temperatures inching up and perhaps shedding some layers of clothing to work under more favorable conditions.
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